Resilience isn't a Short Term Thing

All of the sudden there is a pandemic. New words like COVID-19, coronavirus, and quarantine are household terms. Supplies in some areas are scarce, the economy is unstable, and some jobs are in jeopardy. It's like something out of a movie with one difference; It impacts you or those you know . To not admit that it does would require a certain cognitive dissonance and that is not what resilience is. Resilience is very much being aware of what is happening around you, but managing yourself effectively in order to remain in control of your thinking, emotions, and reactions. It is not only bouncing back, but developing a growth mindset to thrive in any circumstance. This level of awareness and control is not something you can "just do" but something that needs to be developed through practicing certain research based habits. Everyone's reaction is different to a situation, but given all that is in flux at the moment, how you're reacting, feeling and the routine you've created for yourself will say a lot about your level of resilience.

There are a lot of "hacks" and shortcuts in our culture and we have lost the value of long term investment. We love 5 minute abs and 10 minute workouts because who wants to do all the time consuming things that go into actually changing? No one expects to walk on to a professional team one week after they picked up a ball for the first time. There is no quick fix for resilience. Resilience comes through experience and learning what went right or wrong. It's building a body through physical and nutritional means, over time, that actually makes you physiologically harder to stress out. It's the development of resilient thinking, where you gain control over your thoughts and reactions. I love social media just as much as the next person, but reading quotes and memes are absolutely of no value in this situation. It's easy to post "It's not what happens, but how you react to what happens to you" and think it all makes sense, but when you find yourself in fight, flight, or freeze, unless you've practiced the habits that make that way of thinking come natural, you won't know how to apply that thinking. There is no substitute developing habits that help you thrive in spite of circumstances.

There is no doubt this quarantine has been hard on many people, and for different reasons. We have all learned the value of putting time into developing resilience in your life. If you were in quarantine and started to build more resilience in a meaningful and lasting way then I would encourage your to continue. There are coaches and therapists that offer very specific methods of developing living that would be of great use to you in times of adversity. Resilience is not something we use "as needed", but is always needed. I wish everyone the best throughout this pandemic and hope for a quick resolution.

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