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Updated: Jan 20, 2020

These days there are a lot of people talking about wellness. Some people have come up with some of the most complex methods or models to address and help others along their journey. I've always admired such creativity, in many ways. As long as it helps, I say keep it up, but do things need to be so complicated to be effective? In my opinion, not all the time.

Throughout the years of helping others (and myself), a model of wellness has come into view that is simple and effective. Wellness can be broken down into 3 major areas that are so intertwined, when one area is affected it throws the other 2 off as a means of dealing with the problem. I will explain. The areas I'm talking about are Mental, Physical and Financial.

Mental wellness encompasses things like thinking patterns, past trauma, and emotions. Physical wellness is being conscious of what your nutrition looks like and the exercise you do consistently. Financial wellness, well that is different for everyone, but you should have a financial plan in place to ensure you are not just floating through life without an idea of whether or not you will have the resources to continue living the life you want. Those 3 simple areas make up what I would define as wellness itself. If a person is conscious of how they operate in each of those areas they can avoid some major pitfalls in life.

I mentioned before that each effects the other. Here is what I mean by that. If I have no financial plan and am always stressed about money, that stress will begin to cause some problems in the mental wellness area, perhaps growing into anxiety or depression. That depression will impact my physical wellness, most likely in developing bad nutritional habits and not being motivated to exercise. It soon becomes a spiral. I know this because I have fallen into this spiral in my own life. The strange thing is that if you get a hold of any one of the 3 areas, it can have the same effect, but in a positive way. You can use one to find how it is influencing the others. Self development in one area generally leads to self development in the others. One of the best quotes for wellness in general is, "You're either getting better or you're getting worse. You're not staying the same." -David Goggins

Wellness doesn't have to be complicated just because we, as people, are. If you create a plan for the things in those areas you want to improve, you can see your life change 1 day at a time. Be sure to enjoy the journey, get help when you need it, and live your purpose.

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