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Committed to Quality

This program focuses on 9 skills that resilient people can develop in order to live a better life and become more effective professionally. These skills are researched based and have been shown to be effective. Participants will interact throughout the class, which often leads to group cohesion. 

Classes can be formatted to incorporate any number of skills to accommodate the needs of the organization. 

1. Gratitude
2. Own Your Goals
3. Apply Your Strengths
4. Control Your Thinking
5. Build Bridges
6. Cultivate Empathy
7. Mindfulness
8. Physical Wellness
9. Challenge Yourself

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

One on one coaching can be utilized for many things. Some people learn better individually and can use coaching to develop the habit taught in the resilient skills material. Others use coaching to increase wellness, heal, erraticate limiting beliefs, on their journey to seek insight, or other personal requests. There are many things I can help with. A free consultation will determine the best course of action.

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Helping you be your best

Speech times can be tailored to accommodate what works best for the client. Available topics are, but not limited to:

1. The Importance of Personal Wellness for Growth.
2. Developing a Mindset for Success.
3. Building Resilience Makes the Difference.
4. Strengths, Communication and Becoming Invincible.
5. * Speeches available on One or More of the Resilient Skills taught in my workshop.


Exceeding Expectations

Hypnotherapy & other related therapies have a variety of applications. They can help with breaking free of unhealthy habits, accessing peak performance, releasing trauma, ego strengthening, relieving stress, and so much more.  

Call for a free consultation to see if hypnotherapy is right for you.