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I was having some test anxiety prior to taking a test that I had to pass for my job. Anthony performed a hypnosis technique on me prior to the exam and I passed!

Nicole Lee

Sitting and talking with Anthony was truly a life changing experience. We did the tapping method a while back and it’s still a success today.

Sherry Lewis

I worked with Anthony online through video meetings, and in a few sessions experienced amazing results. His coaching, advice, and hypnosis practice jump started me in the right direction to open my own business. He used some really phenomenal skills and techniques in his hypnosis work, but the personal coaching and solid advice he gave me is what really made this experience so unique. I will go back over and over to use his services. The value they added to my life is very awesome!

Andrew Waldowski

I started working with Anthony because I was experiencing long term PTSD from childhood and relationship trauma, as well as high levels of anxiety and chronic pain. I was initially very hesitant about trying hypnosis but after talking with Anthony about the process he set my mind at ease and I felt safe and held in that space. After just one session, I felt such a tremendous release and detachment from the pain and trauma in my past, and since my session I’ve been virtually pain free from chronic pain I had been experiencing for months. I’m also so grateful for the skills he has been teaching me to manage my anxiety and have been using them daily with success! I’m no longer a skeptic, but instead, a full blown fan of hypnotherapy and I’m so excited to continue working towards rebuilding my life with Anthony’s coaching and advice. I’m so grateful!

Amanda Kosik

Anthony did a great program for the Carlisle Chamber of Commerce. He gave great suggestions on how we can keep our minds focused and moving forward even during these uncertain times. His discussion focused on keeping and improving our routines, being mindful and grateful for what we have, and most of all living our values. Thank you for your commitment to helping us navigate through these times and helping us to prepare for the future.

Donna Hunter


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