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Cultivating a Growth & Resilience Mindset

Anthony Faiano is a retired US Air Force veteran with over 21 years of service. While serving, he facilitated and managed the Air Force Resilience program at his base to train airmen on how to implement the habits that create resilience and lead to a better life. These skills assisted in maintaining the mental and physical health of all airmen assigned to the base.

It all started in 2000, when Anthony read his first hypnosis book and decided to try it on himself. IT WORKED! Shortly after, Anthony was able to clear someone’s phobia, and he was hooked. After attending several academies and learning much about hypnosis and NLP, Anthony got certified by the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy (ICBH). Anthony enjoys watching hypnosis change people’s lives and has for over 22 years now.

Anthony is passionate about creating mental well-being and helping people grow, excel, and develop the skills and habits that lead to a better life. Anthony has developed workshops to help groups of people adopt practices and skills that lead to success, a sense of purpose, and increased productivity. Whether it is in their personal or professional life, developing these creates lasting change. 

It's Anthony's goal to help people discover, develop, and become the healthiest version of themselves, both physically and mentally, using proven strategies and therapies for success. Just as every person is unique, he believes the best approach to improvement should be customized to the individual.