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What is Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy? Hypnosis is a state of focus combined with relaxation that causes an ideal environment for change to occur. In my own words, it is the creation of a loop that both the hypnotist and client participate in accessing the unconscious mind to create change together.

What is Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy?

Don’t worry, and you cannot be “stuck” in hypnosis. If I were to leave the room, you would naturally come out of hypnosis within minutes.

What happens if I am stuck in hypnosis?

Pretty much. While there may be few people who can’t experience Hypnosis, the majority can. Most people have experienced it and don’t even realize it. If you’ve ever driven somewhere and not been able to recall a portion of the trip, you were in a trance.

Does Hypnosis work for everyone?

Yes, absolutely. Zoom is an excellent platform for virtual hypnosis. I like to have my clients ensure they have headphones.

Can you hypnotize someone over Zoom?

Just like you created your old patterns, you will retain the capability to revert. However, your desire to revert should be gone, and how you feel about them should be different once we’re finished.

Will I go back to doing my old behavior?

Yes and No. You will remember about as much as you would from a normal conversation. You will hear me talking the whole time. Your mind may drift, or it may be listening; either one is fine. Sometimes clients can’t remember portions of what was said during the session, and as I said, either is fine.

Will I remember anything from the session?

I do not take insurance, or insurance doesn’t take me.

Do you take insurance?

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